Game Farm & Vizslas
Located in the Sunny Okanogan Country in Eastern Washington, 90 miles north of Wenatchee on Highway 97, Lockwood Vizslas and Dry Coulee Game Farm, LLC are family owned and operated.

Bill & Donita Lockwood are life long residents of eastern Washington.  They know and love the high desert area called the Okanogan Country, which is named after the natives who hunted these gorgeous hills before settlers arrived.

Bill is an avid hunter and fisherman who has spent a large part of his life enjoying the outdoors.  In pursuit of game birds, Bill has owned and enjoyed Vizslas for more than thirty years.  Now, he's working to share his joy of bird hunting with others.

One of Donita's loves is the beautiful Vizsla's that have been a part of her and Bill's lives over the years.  So much so that she has imported Vizslas not only from across the United States but from overseas as well to preserve and enhance this gentle and beautiful breed.

Bill & Donita have combined their passions to provide you the fruits of their labors.
Dry Coulee Game Farm, LLC
Tanzy checking on the Game Farm
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